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Christmas tree types at Unicorn Hill Farm:

The Blue Ice has beautiful silvery blue needles and makes a beautiful Christmas Tree.  The color ranges from gray blue to teal blue.  It leaves little to no mess and has a long life in the house.  It has a soft texture and strong branches for holding ornaments.

The Burkii Cedar is a vibrant evergreen known for its changing foliage color and upright pyramidal growth habit.  The Burkii Cedar display colorful bluish-green foliage year around with purple accents during the fall and winter seasons.

The Carolina Sapphires is a beautiful Christmas tree which is unique because of its blue hue and wonderful Christmas scent.  It has steely, blue needles and dense, lacy foliage.  It is a very clean tree with little shedding.  It has strong branches for holding ornaments.

Many families grew up with a Red Cedar Christmas tree in their homes.  The Red Cedar has a wonderful scent which reminds us of days gone by.  It's needles are a dark, shiny and green in color.  Its branches are not as strong as other trees so it is generally better to use lighter decorations on this type of tree.  It is a classic southern Christmas tree with a true cedar texture and smell.

The Sand Pine is a popular and traditional-looking Florida Christmas tree.  The needles are soft, medium-length (up to 3 inches long) and a brilliant shade of green.  The trees are pruned frequently to produce full, dense foliage.  A fresh-cut tree provides a robust pine aroma.

The Spruce Pine has a medium-length soft needle with a stiffer branch than the sand pine.  These trees are also pruned to provide a dense foliage.

The Virginia Pine is a popular southern Christmas tree that has a beautiful natural shape and color.  It has dark green needles and strong branches enabling it to hold heavy ornaments.  It has a strong aromatic pine scent.

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