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Christmas tree types at Uncle Eek's Trees:

Similar to the regular Noble we are all more familiar with, this tree often has a slightly bluer tint to its needles 

Features near perfect symmetry and a beautiful taper from tip to base. Shape and density are this tree's most popular attributes along with an eye-catching fullness and rich green color that make it a proud part of any Christmas display. It's needles are full and soft. It is a light weight tree with a sweet fragrance. Many of our Douglas firs are lightly sheared leaving ample room for decoration. 

All pre-cut trees.

A cross between the Noble Fir and Douglas Fir. It is not as layered and open as the Noble nor as dense as the Douglas. The branches are somewhat layered and allow for both heavy ornaments in the interior of the tree and lighter ornaments on the ends of the branches. It has flat needles projecting from either side of the main branch structure. The top of the needle is a deep, waxy dark green, while the underside has more of a silver blue color and the contrasting colors gives the tree a very elegant look. The tree has a strong sweet spice scent. 

Long considered an excellent Christmas tree because of its beauty, stiff branches and long keepability, the Noble Fir is growing in popularity. The layered sturdy branches make it easy to hang ornaments. The medium length soft needles are generally twisted upward so that the lower surface of branches are exposed. The Noble Fir tree has little scent. With color ranging from deep green to a blue-green, its unique qualities make it an excellent choice for the holidays. 

Nordman fir Christmas trees have dark green glossy needles and dense foliage. Originally from Northern Turkey and the Republic of Georgia. The Nordman fir has excellent needle retention qualities and is less likely to lead to annoying needle-shedding. Although these trees can be compared to the Noble fir, they are not quite as symmetrical. 

Becoming a new favorite in the Northwest. This large tree sports densely-packed, upward-facing needles with a wonderful fragrance. Very hardy and long lasting. 

Winter activities and services at Uncle Eek's Trees:

Christmas tree balls