The Evergreen Farm is a Christmas tree farm located in Lebanon, New Jersey. Stop by this holiday season and view our gorgeous selection of trees!

4 Bass Ln, Lebanon, NJ, 08833
(908) 236-9550

Christmas tree types at The Evergreen Farm:

These trees are elegant and beautiful. Their branches are strong and sharp. They have a nice blue tinge to them and they are great for displaying ornaments because they are so strong. But, they are sharp to the touch and may not be appropriate for a house with young children.

These trees are very popular, and we have a lot of them. They have relatively long needles and are much softer to the touch than Blue Spruce. These trees are often mistaken for Fraser Fir trees. They have a bottlebrush-like appearance. They often have a blue or silver tinge to them on the underside of the branches.

These trees are classic and beautiful. They have a distinctive citrus aroma which makes them unique. They tend to be leaner than the Douglas Fir, with soft needles that are long. These branches have ample room between branches.

This is a full, chunky and very green Christmas tree and is favored by families with young children. These trees tend to have very robust bases and short, soft needles. Their branches are typically very full, and the needles are soft and easy to touch.

These trees tend to be tall and elegant. They are deep green and have sturdy branches with short needles that are soft to the touch.

Winter activities and services at The Evergreen Farm:

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