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Jeffery Seiler

Christmas tree types at Seiler's Christmas Tree Farm:

Carolina Sapphire and Blue Ice are varieties of the Arizona Cypress and two of the newest species developed for Christmas trees. Their foliage are blue green in color, soft to the touch, and very dense with an outstanding aroma. Due to their tendency to dry out even in water stands, it is recommended not cutting these trees until three to four weeks before Christmas.

Foliage is dark green to gray color; has upright branches with a feathery appearance; has a light scent; good for people with allergies to other Christmas tree types. One of the most sought after Christmas trees in the Southeastern United States.

Lob-lolly Pine – dark green needles are 3 to 5"

Virgina Pine – dark green needles are 1 ½” – 3” long in twisted pairs; strong branches enabling it to hold heavy ornaments; strong aromatic pine scent; a popular southern Christmas tree.

Winter activities and services at Seiler's Christmas Tree Farm:

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