Christmas tree types at Santa's Tree Farm and Village:

This is the classic Christmas tree! It's a full-bodied tree with gorgeous foliage (see closeup below), yet it has nice spacing between branches. It holds onto its needles and holds ornaments well. At Santa's Tree Farm and Village, you can choose a Concolor Fir tree just like the Christmas trees in classic holiday movies with snow topped mountains!

Concolor Firs are often called White Firs due to the beautiful white tint of their needles. Like the Noble Fir, a Concolor Fir has strong needles that stay on the tree a long time, so ornaments can be hung securely. The needles of the Concolor Fir are longer, about one to one and a half inches in length.

Concolor Firs take about twelve years to grow to a height of six to seven feet tall. At Santa's Tree Farm and Village, these special choose-and-cut Christmas trees are grown pesticide free.

Douglas Fir trees have soft needles, dark green to blue green in color (see closeup below), and are a favorite for tree shoppers here at Santa's Tree Farm and Village. Just as the complimentary cider at Santa's Tree Farm is sweet, Douglas Fir tree needles have a sweet fragrance. Douglas Fir tree needles measure one to one and a half inches in length; the needles radiate in all directions from the branch.

Douglas Fir Christmas trees grow faster than other fir trees, so at Santa's Tree Farm and Village you can choose and cut the best Douglas Fir from a vast selection. Not only are Douglas Fir trees the best-selling Christmas trees at Santa's Tree Farm and Village, Douglas Firs are one of the top Christmas tree species in the entire United States.

It is highly recommended that you measure your ceiling before coming to Santa's tree farm. Santa's Douglas Firs regularly grow nine to ten feet tall.

Are you looking for a Christmas tree that is not only grand in appearance, but will fill your home with the sweet scent of Christmas? A real tree that brings the outdoors in, that reminds you of Christmas joys of long ago?

Grand Fir Christmas trees are known for their strong fragrance, sweet and crisp. Whenever a happy customer calls us at Santa's Tree Farm and Village to let us know how wonderful their new tree smells in the living room, we immediately know that they chose a Grand Fir Christmas tree.

The Grand Fir is a thick-foliaged tree with exceptionally glossy dark green needles. Sometimes a Grand Fir looks so much like a Douglas Fir, that nobody could tell them apart if not for those rich, glossy needles. According to Santa, Grand Fir Christmas trees are Mrs. Claus's favorite Christmas trees!

Grand Fir Christmas trees take about seven to eight years to reach a typical height of seven feet tall. Grand Firs and Douglas Firs are the most popular Christmas trees at Santa's Tree Farm and Village, and we have several fields of these trees ready for cutting. Our large selection includes trees up to ten feet tall, and sometimes taller!

At Santa's Tree Farm and Village we are happy to welcome back Pinus Radiata, commonly referred to as the Monterey Pine Christmas tree. A few years ago we stopped growing the Monterey Pine, as we saw so many of our customers falling in love with our fir trees. But we soon learned, there are still generations of holiday celebrants who want a good old Monterey Pine Christmas tree. So we began growing them again, and they are ready for harvest!

The bright green needles of the Monterey Pine are about four inches in length, making for a very full-bodied Christmas tree. Monterey Pines are the most widely planted pine tree in the world. Easy to grow as a Christmas tree, Monterey Pines were the first crop of Christmas trees grown at Santa's Tree Farm and Village back when we started out in 1970. No wonder tree-shoppers ask for the Monterey Pine, when they bring their children or grandchildren back to cut a tree at the very same farm where they first sawed down their own Christmas tree as a child!

The Monterey Pine tree originated in Monterey, California, and it grows fast in our local climate. The trees take only three to four years to reach a typical height of seven feet tall. At Santa's Tree Farm and Village, we have Monterey Pines nine to eleven feet tall, and sometimes even taller.

Just as Santa requires his elves to work hard, to make the very best toys for good little girls and boys, Noble Fir Christmas trees require Santa to work hard. Only by providing the best conditions can Santa grow strong and healthy Noble Fir Christmas trees. What Noble Firs need most of all is good soil drainage. That's why, at Santa's Tree Farm and Village, you might find that perfect Noble Fir Christmas tree growing on a hillside. We carefully tend these trees so they can flourish in the California climate. The reward is a Christmas tree of unique beauty!

The Noble Fir is an elegant, formal-looking tree. Its stiff branches, with the strongest needles of any Fir, are the very best for hanging heavy ornaments. The needles are a dark green color, and they turn upward to reveal regular openings between branches at different levels. Noble Fir branches are prized for making wreaths, door swags and garlands because the needles stay attached for a long time. Sometimes Noble Fir Christmas trees appear to have a hint of silver in them because of two white rows of stomata on the undersides of their needles.

At Santa's Tree Farm and Village, Noble Firs are long-time tenants of the land. It takes about twelve years to grow a Noble Fir to a height of seven feet, suitable for a typical living room. During those years, Santa and his helpers give the Noble Fir tree all it needs to join you and your family for the perfect Christmas holiday. We don't give our trees anything they don't need; all Noble Fir trees grown at Santas Tree Farm and Village are naturally pesticide free!

A Redwood Christmas tree, just like any real Christmas tree, is biodegradable. They can be easily reused or recycled for mulch and other purposes. Additionally, while they're growing, Redwoods and other real Christmas trees support life by absorbing carbon dioxide and other gases and emitting fresh oxygen.

Our Redwood Christmas trees, and all our Christmas trees here at Santa's Tree Farm and Village, stabilize soil, protect water supplies and provide refuge for wildlife while creating scenic green belts. A few years ago Santa decided to grow Redwoods as an alternate choice for Christmas tree shoppers at Santa's Tree Farm and Village who wanted a "different sort of look". A Redwood Christmas tree tends to develop into a beautifully symmetrical tree naturally without requiring the shapely trim that Santa gives his other trees each year.

Redwood Christmas trees are a much faster growing Christmas tree than the trees in the fir family, taking about four to five years to reach a height desirable for cutting. The needles on Redwood Christmas trees also create a beautiful addition to any handmade wreath and the boughs of a Redwood Christmas tree are often the number one choice for tree shoppers wanting to decorate with additional greenery throughout their home.

Winter activities and services at Santa's Tree Farm and Village:

Flocked trees imitate the appearance of a tree in nature, with its branches dusted with fluffy, glistening snow. Santa's Tree Farm can apply flocking to your fresh cut tree for a special look epitomizing a winter wonderland. To have a tree flocked it must first be chosen, cut and paid in full. A Flocked Christmas TreeFlocking is $5 per foot in addition to the cost of your tree and tree stand if not provided. Flocked trees are left overnight to dry and picked up Tuesdays through Fridays at the farm. Your tree will be placed in a large plastic bag specifically designed for flocked trees to keep the flocking intact for the drive home.

Sleigh Bells Gift Shoppe in the Dickens Square area inside the Elves Workshop is filled with handmade wreaths, garland, table top trees, Santa hats, tree stands, ornaments, toys, Christmas stockings and much more for your gift giving, Christmas decorating and Christmas tree needs.

Choo Choo!! Take a ride on the Santa Express. We load in Dickens Square and take a slow ride around the farm enoying the views of the trees and Pilarcitos Creek and, of course, passing through Gumdrop Pass Covered Bridge before returning to Dickens Square.

Sing Christmas carols to the holiday music that plays in each train car, whether you choose the open air car, the first car behind the engine or the caboose. Stay seated for the duration of the ride and all aboard!

Much like a hairnet holds human hair in place, a specially designed net has been made for keeping Christmas tree needles intact during transport and while you carry your tree over carpet or furniture in your home. Tree netting helps decrease needle droppings, requiring less clean up. Tree netting is available at Santa's Tree Farm and Village at any of the three netting stations strategically placed around the farm. Netting is $3 a tree. Santa's Tree Farm and Village staff will pull your tree through a machine called a baler which wraps it in its own net. Afterward they are happy to load the tree on top of your vehicle and tie it down safely at no additional charge.

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