We have agrientertainment including a petting zoo, horse and pony rides and a zip line.

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Christmas tree types at Santa’s Christmas Tree Forest:

The Arizona Cypress is a fast growing evergreen tree that grows well in the Florida heat. The foliage is lacy and silver-blue. The form is upright, broad and conical with weeping branches. It is a beautiful tree for those wanting something a little out of the ordinary.

The Red Cedar is an evergreen which is actually a variety of juniper. It can grow 40-50 feet tall and can spread 8-15 feet in a sunny location. The wood of the red cedar is fragrant and the foliage is a bright or dark green. The leaves have sawtooth serrations and are prickly to the touch.

The Sand Pine is the most popular and traditional-looking Florida Christmas tree. Often seen growing wild in Florida, the Sand Pine can thrive in almost any soil. These trees grow up to 2 feet per year, and on our farm, some trees reach over 18 feet in height.

Winter activities and services at Santa’s Christmas Tree Forest:

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