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Christmas tree types at Pine Valley Farms:

Often used for stuffing pine-pillows, these sharp needles are 1 – 1 ½ in. in length. This species is bluish-gray in color and has a bad odor when needles are crushed. This Christmas Tree has good symmetrical form and has an attractive blue foliage. It also has good needle retention.

Canaan (pronounced “Ka-naan”, with emphasis on the last syllable) is a relative newcomer to the Christmas tree market. It has many similarities to both Fraser and balsam firs in growth and appearance. Unfortunately, this similarity which has led to a great deal of confusion.

These small, narrow needles are around 1 – 1 ½ in. in length and occur in rows. They have good foliage color, good needle retention, and a pleasing shape and aroma.

These soft needles are dark green – blue green in color and are approximately 1 – 1 ½ in. in length. The douglas fir needles radiate in all directions from the branch. When crushed, these needles have a sweet fragrance. They are one of the top major Christmas tree species in the U.S.

The Fraser fir branches turn slightly upward. They have good form and needle-retention. They are dark blue-green in color. They have a pleasant scent, and excellent shipping characteristics as well.

The Nordman fir is a European favorite that was recently introduced into the U.S. market and has become increasingly popular. This tree boasts a deep, rich color, dense foliage with rounded needles, and a pleasantly light fragrance.

Often times known as the traditional Christmas Tree it has short dark green needles.
The needle retention is fair and this tree should only be displayed for 2-3 weeks after it is cut.

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