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Christmas tree types at Pine Valley Christmas Trees, LLC:

The Blue Spruce has needles about an inch long which are stiff and sharp. This makes the tree difficult to decorate but the end result is quite beautiful. Needle retention is very good as long as the tree is kept watered.

The Douglas Fir is another popular Christmas tree. This tree has short, sturdy needles that are capable of holding heavier ornaments. The dark or blue green needles have a sweet fragrance when crushed.

The Fraser Fir has a dark green foliage with excellent needle retention. It grows in a natural “Christmas tree” shape which requires very little pruning to maintain. This is one of our most popular trees because of its strong branches!

The White Pine has soft long needles that have a blue-green color with just a hint of white. Moderately strong boughs weep gracefully when hung with ornaments.

Winter activities and services at Pine Valley Christmas Trees, LLC:

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