Christmas tree types at Motley's Christmas Tree Farm:

The Carolina Sapphire can grow from 40 to 60 feet in nature. This extremely aromatic pine has longer, spindly needles that create a very full look to the tree. This tree is great for Christmas trees and also proves as a good barrier for blocking wind in landscaping.

This pyramidal tree has very compact branches and typically only grow up to 40 feet. This tree has needles arranged in opposing pairs on longer branches that are more suitable for ornaments and string lighting. The trunk and branches of this tree are very sturdy and may hold more weight than some of the other traditional Christmas trees. 

The fraser fir tree can grow up to 80 feet and have a trunk roughly 1-1.5 feet in diameter. This uniformly pyramid-shaped tree has flat needles that range from a half to one inch long. Needles grow in bundles on branches which are great for hanging hooked ornaments. This tree grows naturally near the Appalachian mountains and therefore requires a rocky to sandy soil to grow. Luckily, Fraser firs ship well and retain their pleasant fragrance.

This tree is a hybrid of Monterey cypress and Alaskan cedar Cypress. It's needles tend to grow in a very soft style which may prove to be more kid friendly for families with young children and provide the tree with a very full look. This tree's branches tend to have a darker color, contrasting nicely with the green needles. This tree has become one of the most sought after Christmas trees in the southeastern United States and also is often used.

This remarkably symmetrical tree can grow up to 200 feet! It's needles tend to grow in bundles similar to the fraser fir and grow an inch long. This natively Californian tree has a long keepability and stiff branches which are great for most tree decor. Although the wood is strong it also remains to be remarkably light. The Noble features a lush growth, yet it offers more open areas, making it easier to hang ornaments on the large branches.

Virginia pines are typically a small to medium sized tree that can grow to 60 feet. The needles tend to grow in pairs and are roughly an inch and a half to three inches long. The branches on a Virginia pine are normally stout and woody which are great for hanging large ornaments. These trees also respond well to trimming and are the "classic style" of Christmas tree in the south.

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