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Christmas tree types at Lazy J Tree Farm:

Soft, blue-green needles, 2 to 5 inches long in bundles of five; retains needles throughout the holiday season; very full appearance; little or no fragrance; less allergic reactions as compared to more fragrant trees

Douglas fir are liked for their dense bushy shape and fine soft green needles. They have a distinctive pine-like scent, and that fragrance seems to last through the entire Christmas season. Easily decorated, Douglas fir is able to support a large number of Christmas tree lights if you really like to light it up! 

With a beautiful, almost spruce like appearance, Noble Fir has soft blue-green needles on evenly spaced strong branches perfect for heavy ornaments. They keep really well and have a very pleasant mild fir scent. When one thinks of the traditional Christmas tree, this is it.

Dense gray-green foliage & red bark. Traditional and full in shape, this is a tree that can withstand outdoor elements, bear the weight of heavy precious ornaments, and stand tall and majestic in any home or environment.

Turkish needles radiate out more from the stem. This tree has two-tone needles that have a dark silvery-green underside, which is very attractive and has excellent keep-ability. They are becoming popular with consumers. It's strong branches can hold heavy ornaments and needles are retained a long time in the home if the tree is kept watered.

Winter activities and services at Lazy J Tree Farm:

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