We proudly grow five types of Christmas trees on our 12 acre North Bend family farm.  They range in all sizes, from tabletop to ceiling height (and everything in between!)  What's more, if you are looking for an especially tall tree this season, we have hundreds of trees measuring 11' and larger.

You can choose and cut your own special tree from our 12-acre tree crop, and we'll provide everything you need to harvest your tree and get it home safely. We provide saws, twine, shaking, baling services and assistance in getting your tree into or on top of your vehicle, in any kind of weather.

When you visit our farm, we want you to experience the beauty and serenity of a real working ranch. No, you won't find Santa here - but you will find a crackling covered bonfire, warm cup of hot cider, and a bunch of friendly family members to welcome you to our truly peaceful farm. Bring the kids...and, of course, the dog. While you scout around for your perfect tree, make time to walk along the river, and take in the views of Mt. Si and the surrounding forests.  There's an old antique fire truck and great scenery, so bring the camera and take that great family snapshot.  The horses, cattle and sheep will be out grazing, and, if you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of some of the deer, elk, bears and coyotes that live around here.

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Keith and Scott Stringfellow

Christmas tree types at Keith & Scott Tree Farm:

Douglas Fir - thick, soft, full branches, with a sweet, traditional fragrance.

Fraser Fir - fragrant needles that are dark green on top and silver underneath.

Grand Fir - lustrous, glossy dark green needles, in flat rows of branches.

Noble Fir - bluish-green, upward-facing needles, in even, spacious branches

Turkish Fir - multi-directional, medium green needles, similar to Noble Firs.

Winter activities and services at Keith & Scott Tree Farm:

Farm photos

Christmas tree balls