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Josh Polacek

Christmas tree types at JP Landscape Tree Farm:

Dark green to powdery blue color
Very stiff needles and branches, good for heavy ornaments
Excellent needle retention (will drop needles in a warm room)
Medium fragrance

Dark green, flattened needles that are dark green on top and silvery underneath
Pyramid-shaped strong branches which turn upward
High needle retention
Mild-strong fragrance

Dark green color, large needles are glossy on top with a silvery underside with two lines of stomatal bloom
Firm branches
Medium-high needle rentention
Strong, citrusy fragrance

Deep, rich green look
Soft bluish-green needles with a silvery appearance
Evenly spaced stiff branches, great for heavier ornaments
Superior needle retention
Strong fragrance

Distinctive, pyramid shaped tree
Long, soft blue-green needles with white undersides
A superior selection for lawn specimen and accent
Cold hardy — best in moist, well-drained soil
Likes wood mulch to keep roots cooler

Winter activities and services at JP Landscape Tree Farm:

Farm photos

Christmas tree balls