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Christmas tree types at Holiday Tree Farms:

We are proud to have pioneered the sheared Plantation Oregon Douglas Fir Christmas tree — our best selling and most popular Christmas Tree. This fragrant tree is economical and a season favorite.

The Douglas Fir Christmas tree (pseudotsuga menziesii) has been the most popular Christmas tree species since the 1920s. During the following 40 years, nearly all Christmas trees were harvested from forest lands. Since the 1950s, the transformation from growing trees in the wild to culturing them on plantations has been dramatic. Today, few trees come from forest lands. Holiday Tree Farms is a pioneer in establishing this species as the premier product of the Christmas tree industry.

Nationally, it remains one of the most popular Christmas trees species. The Douglas fir Christmas tree is shipped to the majority of the United States and is also exported to the Hawaiian Islands, Mexico, Central America, Guam and Asia.

Douglas Fir Key Benefits

  • The Douglas Fir Christmas tree is the most popular, having long soft blue-green needles and a sweet fragrance.
  • Resilient and economical species
  • Plantation trees have excellent symmetry and density
  • Durable thick bark stands up well to shipping and handling
  • Flexible, medium weight branches make the douglas fir customer friendly for transport and set-up
  • A favorite for display and decoration, branches lend themselves for use as sprays, garland and wreaths

Douglas Fir Christmas Tree Order Information

  • Available in sizes from 2 feet (table top) to 12 feet

The Grand Fir (abies grandis) is one of the tallest firs. It grows from British Columbia inland to Montana and south into northern California. The Grand Fir Christmas tree produces a beautiful, thick foliaged and is known for its strong fragrance. The undersides of the branches are silver, presenting a festive tree for decoration.

Another traditional tree, the Grand Fir variety is gaining in popularity. Having a clean profile and durable character, this species is appealing to families appreciating simpler times.

Grand Fir Key Benefits

  • Beautiful, thick foliage with a strong fragrance
  • Tolerant of cold climates
  • Retailers appreciate the Grand Firs keepability and tolerance to transport
  • Lustrous, shiny, dark green needles, 1 to 1-1/2 inches long in two distinct rows

Grand Fir Christmas Tree Order Information

  • Available in sizes from 2 feet (table top) to 12 feet.

The Noble fir Christmas tree is one of our more popular varieties. Noble fir (Abies procera Rehd.) is symmetrical and has a deep bluish-green color. The long needles are four-sided and twist upward leaving the lower surface of the branch exposed. The noble fir is dense and grows slower than most other varieties.

The noble fir Christmas tree is a durable tree featuring dense foliage and a sturdy conformation. The aromatic dense foliage blends ornaments within branches. Available from two feet (table top) to twelve feet high. For larger trees, see Big Trees.

Long considered an excellent Christmas tree because of its beauty, stiff branches and long needle retention, the noble fir is growing in popularity. It is widely used in the greenery business to make wreaths, door swags, garland and other Christmas products.

Noble Fir Key Benefits

  • The preferred species for durability
  • Exhibits superior needle retention
  • Beautiful shape, symmetry and fragrance

Noble Fir Christmas Tree Order Information

  • Available in sizes from 2 feet (table top) to 12 feet

A Nordmann Fir tree is a great way to create a unforgettable, magical Christmas! Unparalleled in beauty and and durability, Nordmann Fir Christmas trees have been popular in Europe across the ages and are gaining even more popularity in the United States.

The Nordmann Fir Christmas tree, or Abies nordmanniana, has excellent needle retention qualities offering you a perfect choice for your holiday decorating needs. Impress your guests with the Nordmann Fir Christmas tree that is ensured to look good and stay fresh with proper care.

Named after a botanist from Finland, Alexander von Nordmann, who discovered it growing in Georgia, the Nordmann fir has a longer lifespan than other firs making it your long lasting-beautifully decorated companion over the holiday season. Originally a native of Turkey, Georgia, Northern Armenia, the mountains around the Black Sea, and the Russian Caucasus, in recent years, the Nordmann fir has proved an excellent species for growing at our Oregon tree farms.

Today, the Nordmann Fir is favored for its attractive foliage, softer needles, and its resistance to shedding needles as the tree dries. It has also become a great choice for some families where allergies or sensitivity to the typical Christmas tree armoma is a concern as the Nordmann lacks fragrance. Enjoy a Nordmann Fir this season as the focal point for your families Christmas celebration!

Nordmann Fir Key Benefits

  • A shiny deep green look
  • Beautiful shape, symmetry and density
  • Strong branches are great for large ornaments
  • Superior needle retention
  • Low fragrence level

Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree Order Information

  • Available in sizes from 2 feet (table top) to 12 feet

Scotch pine Christmas trees are the heritage of the old country. This attractive tree is a traditional favorite for the holidays and is reminiscent of snowy slopes, rural gatherings and open fireplaces.

As a Christmas tree, Scotch pine (Pinus Sylvestris L.) is probably the most commonly used species in the United States. Because of its ease of planting, generally high planting survival and favorable response to plantation culture it has been widely planted throughout much of the eastern United States and Canada.

In Europe and throughout several countries in Asia, Scotch pine is an important species of high economic value. Forest stands containing Scotch pine are managed to produce pulpwood, poles, and sawlogs from which dimension and finish lumber is produced.

Scotch Pine Key Benefits

  • Traditional European variety
  • Economical
  • Hardy dark green foliage, subtle fragrance
  • Good needle retention
  • Stiff branches with needles produced in bunches of two, good for heavy ornaments and heavy decoration.

Scotch Pine Christmas Tree Order Information

  • Available in sizes from 2 feet (table top) to 6 feet

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