For more than sixty years, Hensler Nursery has been growing high quality seedlings, transplants, and Christmas trees. We also raise Scotch Pine, White Pine and Fraser Fir for wholesale and retail.
Our biggest event of the year, Christmas Fest, begins after Thanksgiving and ends December 24.
Hensler Nursery has won many state and national awards for trees over the years. We provide trees to the Indiana Statehouse Rotunda and support local organizations such as Trees for Troops.

5715 North 750 East, Hamlet, IN, 46532
(574) 867-4192

Christmas tree types at Hensler Nursery Inc.:

Fraser fir have fragrant soft branches with great needle retention. Can handle light and heavy ornaments.

The Scotch pine’s stiff branches are ideal for heavy ornaments. Excellent needle retention makes this a favorite variety.

White pine branches have soft 3-5” needles that are ideal for supporting light ornaments.

Winter activities and services at Hensler Nursery Inc.:

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Christmas tree balls