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Christmas tree types at Crown Christmas Tree Farm:

The perfect backdrop for displaying all your treasured holiday ornaments, Nobles are known for having strong branches with open spaces between branches for showing off "hanging ornaments", a beautiful deep green color and with proper care, outstanding longevity.

Grand Firs, also known as a "True Fir" have beautiful texture,with soft pine needles. They are the most aromatic of our trees, and make a classic, traditional Christmas Tree memory while beautifully displaying your ornaments and lights.

Owning a Douglas Fir during the Holiday season is like owning a piece of nostalgia, these trees are bushy, great for displaying lots of lights, and have a long and storied history as a Christmas Time Favorite.

Turkish Firs are a rich, dark green hue with hardy branches perfect for supporting a display of heavier ornaments. Similar to a Noble,this variety of Christmas tree has exceptional decorating/display qualities as well as a great life span with proper care.

Winter activities and services at Crown Christmas Tree Farm:

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