Country Heritage Farm has over 20 acres of Christmas Trees planted and several types to choose from. We certainly want you to find just the right tree, but more important than that, we want you to have fun doing it!

Here's what you can expect at our tree farm at no extra cost:

  • Sharp saws to borrow (please no chainsaws)
  • Hayride to and from the trees. Sometimes the wagon trails get a bit muddy and we need to stop hayrides for safety reasons.
  • We haul your tree in from the field. If the hayride is not running, we can still get your tree in for you.
  • If you would like the tree baled, no problem. Baling makes it much easier to tie the tree to your vehicle and get in the house.
  • If you would like we will even tie it on the car.
  • We have a playhouse for kids, sandbox, cut-outs and sleighs for pictures, picnic tables, Adirondack chairs, and huge outdoor stone fireplace to enjoy and warm yourself

Of course, for those of you looking for just the right decoration, perfect gift, or any other Christmas item, there is the Christmas Shop.

Christmas tree types at Country Heritage Farm:

A tree which typically has a more open growth structure allowing ornaments to be hung on the outer and inner branches. The branches are quite strong for heavy ornaments, but the needles are very stiff and sharp. Many people use the sharp needles as a defense against small children and pets. Trees 4-9 feet tall.

These are compact, full trees, and have the shape of what many think of as the typical Christmas tree. They are one of the more fragrant trees which can accentuate the season by filling a room with the pleasant odor Christmas. The needles are soft, as are the branches which may sag under the weight of heavy ornaments. Trees 3-12 feet tall.

These also have a full appearance. The odor is not quite so strong as the Douglas Fir, but the branches are a little stronger. Along with stronger branches come slightly sharper needles. All in all, this is our most popular tree, and they are plentiful this year. Trees 4-12 feet tall.

Winter activities and services at Country Heritage Farm:

Christmas tree balls