The timeless Christmas tradition of selecting a Christmas tree comes alive at the Country Barn Farm Market. Bundle up and trek through the tree farm to select and harvest your own Christmas tree Monday through Sunday! On weekends you can ride a wagon out to the tree fields and enjoy hot cider, cookies and donuts from the Farm Market!

We will shake your tree to remove loose needles, wrap it for easy transportation & assist with loading it into your car. We will also drill the trunk to accommodate tree stands at no additional charge. We supply tree carts, wagons and hand saws. You can also purchase tree stands, just in case this is your first live Christmas tree.

We do have pre-cut trees for those looking for a faster, easier option. Prices are individually marked. We also carry a wide selection of handmade holiday wreaths, Christmas decorations, crafts, gifts and so much more.

Christmas tree types at Country Barn Farm Market:

Very similar to Fraser Fir, but native to mountains of West Virginia. Relatively new to eastern markets, but gaining popularity. Very fragrant with short soft needles. Excellent needle retention for early decorating.

Most commonly known as White Fir, this evergreen has soft, silvery-blue foliage, with flattened needles about two to three inches in length, and a distinctive citrus aroma. Its outstanding color and excellent needle retention make it an increasingly popular Christmas trees.

This is the most popular type of Christmas tree. It's fragrant needles are soft and flat, about 1" long and range in color from blue-green to green. Excellent needle retention for early decorating.

Increasingly popular Christmas tree. Very fragrant with short, soft needles. This tree has a rich green color with a silver underside. Excellent needle retention for early decorating.

White Pines have soft, flexible needles and are bluish-green in color. Needles are 2½ - 5 in. long. White Pines have good needle retention, but have little aroma.

Winter activities and services at Country Barn Farm Market:

Christmas tree balls