Redwood Rd at Miller Rd, Castro Valley, CA, 94546
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Christmas tree types at Castro Valley Christmas Tree Farm:

The most popular selling tree on the farm. Short blue-green needles and spaces between branches for hanging ornaments. Nice fragrance, Keeps well if placed in a waterstand.

We only have a few of these. A 'fleecy' looking tree with a light green color and a 'tangy' fragrance. Keep it in a waterstand for freshness.

Offered again this year, this pine has long needles and is very bushy. It has a pine fragrance and must be kept in a waterstand to stay fresh.

Pre-cut only! These are the royalty of Christmas trees. With blue-green color and firm, evenly spaced branches, it is ideal for big ornaments.

Winter activities and services at Castro Valley Christmas Tree Farm:

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